About Joe Whittle Photography

My name is Joe Whittle, and I am a freelance photographer and writer. I have been working as an editorial, advertising, and fine-art photographer since graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor's in Advertising Photography in 2000; and as a freelance writer since 2010. Today my work has an emphasis on outdoor recreation, conservation and Native American subject matter (I am an enrolled tribal member of the Caddo Nation).

My published work can be seen in outlets such as The Guardian, USA Today, NY Times, Huffington Post, Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Alpinist Magazine, National Geographic Voices Blog, High Country News, Resorts and Great Hotels, O Magazine, Nature's Best Photography, Yahoo News, Oregon Humanities Magazine, Travel Oregon, The Oregonian, and many other regional publications in the US and internationally. Selections of my fine-art prints have been displayed in museums such as the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Field Museum, the Royal Alberta Museum, the Exploratorium, and many local museums and galleries.  I am a 2019 recipient of the Oregon Community Foundation $100,000 Fields Artist Fellowship. My stock photography is represented by Aurora Photos on a non-exclusive basis.

Please review the work sample page for selections from my published work.

On the personal side, I live in the remote Wallowa Valley of Northeastern Oregon spending time in the wilderness, taking pictures that make me happy, and being a father. Occasionally I moonlight as an adventure/wilderness guide; and as a seasonal wilderness ranger for the USFS in Oregon's largest wilderness area, the Eagle Cap Wilderness. (Irresistable side jobs for a wilderness-loving nature photographer such as myself!) I am generally available for travel and local assignments. Tear sheets, client lists, and professional references provided upon request. 

For assignments, print sales, and stock photo information, please email photojoe29@gmail.com, or call 541-263-0085.

For a complete list of stock photo subjects, please email with your search parameters, and a list of matching images will be provided. Ninety percent of the images on this site are available for stock usage.